Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let's talk about those crazy kids!

So today I will share a little bit about my Pride (Abigail) and Joy (Zander). Next Monday we have the dreaded kindergarten screening. Abigail will be spending just over an hour at "school" being supervised. They will be asking her to: Print her name, Make a butterfly, Identify colors, Recite a fingerplay/poem, and Listen to a story. She can do all of the above (could about 2 years ago) so it should be interesting to hear the evaluation. The only thing they are going to teach her in kindergarten is how to tie her shoes. Poor girl is going to be bored out of her mind.

Anyway, the other day she was asking me how to spell Zander, and she was writing, so I told her, thinking nothing of it. A few minutes later she asks me for a piese of tape. Okay. The I go into her bedroom, and there- hanging on the wall by her bed is a sign that reads "no Zander". So funny. She didn't want Zander on her bed (her clubhouse) which he can't get to himself anyway, so I thought that was cute.

Zander is learning how to talk. His favorite word is Ball. But he says some funny things lately. He is quick to tell me when he's done eating "all done- ball?" Or when he wants to be changed "new diaper" followed by Zander getting a diaper out of the basket. He sees a bird outside it's "birdie- bweet bweet". He also loooves books. He's finally past the point of tearing real books- so he's constantly coming up to me "book!" with a book in hand. Then we stop what we're doing, and sometimes read the book, sometimes he just wants to flip the pages. When he's hungry or thirstly he will raise his shirt and point to his belly button. Usually this is followed by "juice?" or "apple?". He absolutely loves to watch the Backyardigans on Nick Jr. If you haven't seen this- it is the greatest show for kids ever. A group of friend get together in their backyards every day for an adventure. They ride pirate ships, visit the jungle, go on a snow adventure, go surfing, all in the confines in their backyard. A great great show for imagination. They also spend most of the time singing and dancing their adventures- so of course Zander and Abigail both go nuts singing and dancing. Zander's favorite episodes are The Yeti, (Z says "yetiyetiyeti!) Tarzan (again, Z says "ahhhhh") and Pirate adventure (Z says "argh").

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little of my daily adventure with the kids. They are two little balls of energy that are full of joy and happiness. My favorite thing to do is to sit quietly doing nothing, and listen to them play together in the next room. Their "sibling bond" is unbeatable. I hope they stay best friends forever. Ah well. Maybe I'll find another stunning recipe to share later. Maybe Indian shrimp today? We'll see.


the rachel said...

umm...i commented once, but it didn't show up - hopefully it won't show up twice. lol. it's no fair making me miss my kids before i can come home!! cheater. =)

Lizzy said...

*Sigh*...I miss my little man and my angel. They're growing up so fast! Just think--maybe one day, Abigail will be as smart as me! Maybe...then again...she could be as smart as Caleb...um...okay, let's not go there. :) Or maybe even like her grandpa! That's one smart guy! Lol...love you!