Friday, April 22, 2005

No Cookies

Sorry for the lack of posts here lately. I've been a little busy. This morning I am expecting a realtor to come through the house with our landlord's widow. I don't want her to think we live like pigs, so I've been scrambling to clean it up. Although, lately I think we have been living like pigs. The last two weeks we all got to experience a lovely stomach virus. This week the kids and I have pinkeye. Let me tell you. Pinkeye is soooo un-fun. My eyes feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper all over them. Add to that the occassional bouts of tearing- (we are talking rivers for like 10 minutes) and the fact that when we wake up in the morning we all have to go through a careful 10 minute process of de-crusting our eyes so that we can open them. Ugh. Plus it's hard to see. My eyes are like half open. SO for whom it may concern- sorry NO COOKIES. If I make cookies- by golly I DESERVE to eat the whole batch myself. :-)


Lizzy said...

Ha! EAT THE COOKIES!!! :) I'm sorry you have pink-eye. It's probably more miserable for the kids, but you have to deal with THEM too. :) Bad news--I won't be coming home in May. :( I'm staying here for May term. Good news, though! If I do that, and come back early in January, I get to graduate on time!!! :D:D:D YAY! Love you! Get well!!!

the rachel said...

GET BETTER!! How dare you become sick just in time to not send me sustenance for finals week?!?!? I never knew anyone could be so inconsiderate...GOSH! =) Love you...hehe.