Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I love McDonald's!

Well, this afternoon my body has decided that it is going to get sick with whatever Zander and Abigail have had. Not good. It was very wierd and all the sudden. This afternoon I was feeling drowsy so I made myself a coffee drink and had a nice visit with my sister. After she left I sat down with Zander to give him a micro-nap, and Boom! it hit me. Now I feel weak and shaky, and I alternate between goose bumps and feeling hot and sticky. My throat is feeling scratchy too. So say a little prayer for me please! I am single Mommy until 5:00pm Friday evening, and I have a dinner date for Friday. Poor Abigail has been so neglected of Mommy time, I hope I can beat this bug swiftly.

I am looking forward to bedtime tonight! Oh and the I love McDonald's is because both of my kids are sitting on the living room floor happily munching french fries and chicken nuggets while I ponder whether or not I can make it to bedtime tonite. Gotta love it. Happy Wednesday!


the rachel said...

well, i have plans today, but if you need a sister, they can change. nothing important anyways. just give me a call if you need to be taken care of. =)

Erika said... are so sweet.