Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just a quick post

I have decided that I am entirely too busy right now. On Monday I was trying to figure out how I was going to fit everything in for the week that I needed to. We have a wedding this weekend, and I am decorating both the church and the hall for them. I am also trying to get organized and ready to go camping for a week. We are really not ready for a week long camping experience. We need too many things to make it comfortable. Then on top of that I wanted to clean the house, just in case they needed to show it next week while we were gone. Well guess what? The reality fairy paid a visit, and I have to have the house spotless by 5:30 pm today for a showing. Grr.

It gets worse.

Last night, the garbage disposal decides it's had enough. I'm not talking about a simple fix, like something is stuck in it. Nope. I think it has passed on to appliance doom. Yeah, and there's stuff in there. To top it all off, the absolute worst thing right now is that our TV has decided to throw in the towel. We have no picture at all. I can hear stuff, but the picture never comes on. Financially, we are really not in a position to buy a new TV and the TV stand we'll need to go with it. I can certainly manage without the TV, but there really are times when I would just like to turn on Backyardigans for Zander and Abigail to chill out with while I get supper on the table.

So today I will look at Hobby Lobby at their markdown furniture and see if I can find something inexpensive to temporarily set a TV on, and I will bring up the smaller TV from the basement for now. The drawback there is that I can't plug anything into the TV, so I won't be able to access cable channels over 88, and not VCR or DVD. But at least it will be something.

And on the looking for a house front, the ad is running in the paper. Imagine my surprise when I get a phone call by 2:00 on Monday- right away! Unfortunately, it is a 3 BR, but it has no basement, no bathtub, a 1 car tiny garage, and it's right on HWY 54. I mean, right on the highway. I think we might at least look at it and see what we could do with it, but it is not set very far back from the highway, and I cannot imagine allowing the kids to play outside there. So strike one. Hopefully we'll get another call. The ad repeats in today's paper, and then it also runs for 2 more weeks. So wish us luck there!

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