Saturday, July 16, 2005

An Update

Well, we've gone and done it, I think. We received a call this week on our ad. It was someone with a 3 BR duplex- and were we really set on a house? Um, yeah. I thought. The woman on the phone was so nice- I thought a peek at the duplex couldn't hurt. I took along Lizzie for another perspective. It ended up I rather liked the place. The living room is small. And the basement is smaller than the one we have- but since we have a HUGE basement, it wouldn't be hard to be smaller. The three bedrooms though are very large. The two kids rooms have very large closets, and they are the size of our large bedroom now. The master bedroom has a huge walk-in closet and a private full bathroom! There is an additional full bathroom on the second floor, so there's no worries about kids in the night with the steps. The kitchen is much bigger than the one we have and has a distinct dining area. Although, in fairness, any kitchen is bigger than our kitchen. I have to say, Lizzie was no help at all in pointing out the bad. =)

So this morning Andy went to look at it. The things he didn't care for, were really trivial factors. Neither of us like the living room. So hopefully we can do something to it to jazz it up and make it more homey. Anyway. Our ad is supposed to run in the paper for 2 more weeks. I would hate to take the duplex, only to have someone with a decent house call. So we are sending our application plus some earnest money to the homeowners. That way it's on hold for us, and we can let the ad play out. We also don't want to hold out for 2 more weeks waiting, and then someone else comes along to rent the duplex. So I guess we're moving! We are planning to be in the last weekend in August. The kicker here is that we were hoping for someplace that could either be a rent to own, or something we would purchase eventually- and these people would also potentially be interested in selling. So we could very well be moving into our first "house". It's amazing how things work out.

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