Thursday, August 11, 2005

A new look

I think I like this look better. It just looks cleaner. Let me know what you think.

Tonight I made a fabulous dinner for the kids. Mmmm. Nothing can beat Spaghettio's with hot dogs cut up into it. Okay, so maybe a lot of things could beat that, LOL. I did eat a little- but today in a moment of weakness I bought some cheeses, and I threw together a yummy spinach dip for after the kids go to bed. Yeah, hot spinach dip with pita chips- not exactly healthy, but so good, and I really need a "real food fix". Although there was something neat yesterdayu about having a McDonald's meal on my new dining room floor with my kids. They succeeded in properly christening it with ketchup and orange hi-c. So life is grand.

Now back to that spinach dip. I bought some new cheeses for me. I bought a Swiss Gruyere and a Raclette. The gruyere I may have had before- it is a nutty cheese, and is not one you can eat a lot of at a time, but it adds a fabulous flavor to whatever (in this case spinach dip). The raclette....lets just say, yikes. It is a stinky cheese made in France. And stink it does. I did not know it was stinky cheese. My brave self tried it, and surprisingly, it has a mild flavor- but it has a wonderful creaminess, which makes it perfect for fondues and warm spinach dip. I added a hunk of smoked gouda, clove of garlic (chopped, not whole silly!), a package of frozen chopped spinach-well drained, black pepper, smoked paprika, basil, water chestnuts, and Fox Point Seasoning from Penzeys. Oh, and a little sour cream and dijon mustard to bind it all together. Normally I'd use mayo there, but I'm out. I plan on tossing it in the oven a little later and scooping it up with some toasty pita chips. Hmmm. I hope bedtime is coming soon. :-) Ah, and that whine from the other room tells me that, indeed, bedtime is upon the household. Have a nice evening! Now hopefully I can find a few drops of wine here somewhere...


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