Wednesday, September 7, 2005

The hardest thing EVER

Just thinking about this morning brings tears to my eyes. I took Abigail for her first day of Kindergarten today. She woke up this morning with the biggest smile on her face. She gave me the biggest hug- I almost started crying right then. I had decided to make waffles for her for the big day- and she cheered at that. :-) That was fun. Our walk to school showed the grown up side of Abigail too. She declined a ride in the wagon and walked beside me the whole way. She held my hand for most of it, talking about how much fun she was going to have, and all the friends she was going to make. Then we got to school. We met some kids that Abigail knew, and they helped her to find her line on the playground. That was so sweet. I stood by that line with another Mom that I know. I was doing really well until she looked at me- eyes welling up and said "How are you doing?" It took me second to answer. And of course, I was totally honest "I'm not doing very well, I think". I was grateful to be holding Zander in my arms. It gave me something to do, and he snuggled right back. Such a sweet boy. The bell rang, the kids all lined up, and off they went into school. Abigail never even looked back. It was a long walk home for Zander and I. He rode in the wagon, pointing out squirrels and birds, and I kept thinking that before I know it, it will be him that I am sending into school for the first time.

So far I have spent today playing with my son. Now he is napping, but already today he is amazing me. He called for Abigail twice this morning, and I imagine will do so again when he wakes up. Fortunately we will be heading back up to school shortly after he wakes up. We spent this morning playing cars, and puzzles, and playing outside blowing bubbles, and riding the "wee!"- which is Zander speak for the slide. He did take a short break to watch a bit of Barney ( got the dishes done then) and then a little bit of computer time. He definitely felt like a big boy sitting in that chair playing his game. Every once in a while he would say "uh-oh" and I knew that was the signal that he's pushed the wrong button. So I would fix it for him- but he amazes me with his speaking ability, and his comprehension. "No Zander, Abigail's at school." to which he would say "Oh, right." LOL. I am grateful to have him to keep me company while ABigail goes to school. I don't know what I'll do when it's his turn!

Well, I have things to do. Andy's parents are headed this way for a visit this weekend, and I have much to do- and no energy to do it. :-) First on this afternoon's agenda is to finish putting my desk together. The I need to clean the kitchen counter and I hope to get the dough going for some bread. Tomorrow night I am trying a new pair of recipes from 30 Minute Meals 2- by Rachel Ray. I am making a tomato, potato, and spinach soup with a Roasted Red Pepper and Mozarella Panini. Only I'm not making panini's. Instead I am going to make some whole wheat French bread and top it, and turn it into a toasted sub. Simple supper of soup and sandwiches- only with a little flair. I hope it turns out well. I will post the recipe and results when I get a chance.


the rachel said...

i started school today too...only i don't think anyone cried because of it. =) i almost did, though - i was so happy to be playing jazz... *sigh*

Anna said...

Oh, you are so lucky that Zander was there for you!! Hopefully, Abigail had a great day and made plenty of new friends.

linda said...

Erika, I don't even have children and your post brought a tears to my eyes. Zander sounds like a smart little guy too.
PS. hope my letter made it....

Erika said...

Oh my, Anna, Abigail totally LOVED school. In fact, this first week she goes Wed and Fri to get used to it, and was sooo disappointed that she didn't have school today. :-)

Linda- I got your letter early this week, but haven't made it to the PO yet- I will most likely go tomorrow morning, but I will let you know for sure when it is on it's way!

Rachel! you shouldn't be such a stranger! I don't know what your schedule is me or e-mail me sometime. I bet you are loving life right now!

the rachel said...

loving life, but working nearly 24/7. this last week i got 57 hours...yeah...yuck. but the paycheck was alright. =) and now i have a class that requires me to put in at least an hour a day in a high school - helping out a teacher or something - so the few hours i had every day are pretty much shot.
ah well, i'm in my own place and loving it. it'd be nicer if i had a car, though. ;)
okay, love you!