Monday, October 3, 2005

My own little challenge and some pyramids

I really don't have anything new to add today as far as a recipe goes. Tonight we had a classic meal of Hot Dogs and French Fries- as requested by my dear son. However, Abigail said one of the cutest things to day. She brought home some schoolwork that she hadn't had time to finish at school today. So being a good Mom, I sat down with her after supper to let her finish it. She did just fine making her big F's and little F's. When she was done though she looked at me and said "Look Mom, I added some pyramids." and smiled. Pyramids? I didn't see any pyramids on her paper. "See, here." And she pointed to a little dot at the end of her line of F's. Yep, you guessed it. Periods. LOL! That is just too priceless, and I will never look at a period again without thinking about Abigail's pyramids.

Now on to the challenge part of my post. After the brain games of the past weekend, and attempting to "think pumpkin". It got me thinking that there are probably dozens of food items that I don't give just attention to. So I am going to do that. Every Monday I am going to pick a food item and some time between Monday and the following Sunday, I am going to use that food item. Whether that be one dish, or one dish a day, we'll see how it goes. And of course, if anyone wants to join me in my weekly challenges, please do, and let me know, and I'll post your results as well!

So this week I have chosen the humble LEEK as my challenge ingredient. I have only ever used leeks in two dishes. One being potato-leek soup. The other being a pot pie with leeks. So I will try to avoid those dishes. And I highly doubt there will be a leek dessert in my near future. Then again, you never know. ;-)


Mom W. said...

Is this like the word-a-day challenge? Use a new word three times in one day and it's yours. Use an ingredient three times and it's yours.
I'll be anxious to read more.

Also loved the pyramid comment by Abigail. Reminds me of the time I was told to leave my boots in the corridor at school and I thought the nun said "on the corner". I cried all the way home thinking I had to leave my boots on the street.

Erika said...

Hey look Mom! Your comments work!