Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Random Thoughts Today

Sorry, no excitement in the kitchen today or yesterday, and most likely not tomorrow either. I am on a roll with my sewing projects and in order to maintaint my pace, I must keep myself focused. It's hard, that's for sure, but I am up against a deadline, and I am determined to do better than meet it.

This year's musical Bye Bye Birdie was hand-picked by Andy and I because we knew it was a win/win show for all. The kids will enjoy playing it, the community will enjoy seeing it, and we'll enjoy working on it. In theory. Andy's set was not built according to direction, so he has spent all his spare time the last 3 weeks at school rebuilding his set. My painting instructions were not followed very well, so the interior of the MacAfee house looks more like a big top than a living and dining room. And the costumes...yikes. I am having fun shopping and am learning a ton sewing, but yikes. I have one dress that is like a recurring nightmare that won't go away. I am getting grief from staff at the school that I need to make sure I keep track of my spending this year. Um, yeah, hello? I was given a tiny, tiny budget. In a normal year, we can spend about $3500 costuming our entire cast for the musical. I was asked if there were things I could do to trim that amount a bit. Sure, we can rent way less, I can make some, and I am sure I can purchase much of the clothing from vintage clothing stores. Good theory. But not for $500. Yep. That's my costume budget. As it stands now, I have about $200.00 left, and 16 men to find pants for some and suits for others. It will be a busy weekend to be sure. So we'll see. I've also been hearing that there is some concern over how much time I am "not" spending at school. Yeah, I'm not happy about that line of concern. Let's just say it is a good thing for the school that I am not getting paid by the hour.

Anyway, enough venting.

Abigail went on another field trip this week- this time to a Pumpkin Patch. I had some conerns about this one. It was a long bus ride for one- and I was concerned about her digestive pyrotechnics going off. But she did manage just fine with the bus ride. I was also worried about the actual pumpkin patch. The planned activities included a hayride, picking a pumpkin, corn mazes, and a haunted house. I had a nice talk with Abigail about the haunted house, and that it was really important that she stays with her teacher and not go in that one. Last week on a field trip to the fire station, they showed a horrific movie about a little girl starting a fire in her bedroom with a candle- and it getting out of control. According to another Mom who went, they didn't even find out if the girl was okay until the end of the film. Abigail was so upset about it, I had to spend two nights sleeping with her on the airbed. I just can't imagine thinking that a haunted house is okay for kindergarteners. She was so proud of herself after that field trip. She told me that she stayed out of the haunted house, and she LOVED the hayride, so it was a good field trip.

Andy was out of town again last night, so he called to talk to Abigail like he usually does. Well, last night Zander wanted to talk too. It was such a sweet thing to hear him say "luv you Dad-dee". He is such a sweetheart. Every time he watches Barney, he looks for Mommy when the show is over so we can sing the "I Love You" song together. And lately he's also wanted to do "Pocket Rosie" a lot. Of course, he loves the part where we all fall down, and we have to do it quite a few times before he tires of it. As I type this he is watching Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin, and Laurie Berkner is singing and he is dancing like madman. And trying to sing along. He has been areal trooper this week while I sew and shop. And he is only to willing for a little snuggle break when I feel like one. :-)

Well, he is ready for a bit of a nap I think, so I should sign off for today. I just needed a bit of a break from the 1950's for a while. I hope everyone is having a great week!

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Mom Waz said...

Hi Erika,

I can't believe anyone would believe that a haunted house is age-appropriate for a kindergartener. I'm happy Abigail had a good time with the rest of the activities on the field trip.

I wish I was there to help you with some costumes. Happy shopping this weekend.