Wednesday, October 5, 2005

This one's for Mom Waz...

Mom was curious as to why I was doing an ingredient challenge. It started with that bunch of pumpkin last weekend. I've always been afraid of pumpkin- especially when I thought of it in a savory sense. Pumpkin was for pie and muffins- not ravioli and enchilada sauce. As it turns out it tasted a lot like squash- which I really like, so I learned a valuable lesson, and I figured there were many more things like that, so I would personally challenge myself to think outside of my comforrt zone.

So yes, maybe if I use the ingredient a few times- it will become mine, in the sense that I won't be afraid to use it more often. This weeks leek is already an eye opener. So hopefully it will become more a part of my repertoir as time goes on.

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