Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Can I tempt your tastebuds?

Drum roll please...

Here is the Thanksgiving menu:


Spinach Dip with Vegetable dippers
Assorted cheeses, sausage, and crackers
Mixed nuts


Cider brined turkey with cider glaze
Sausage and apple stuffing
Smashed Red skin yukon gold potatoes
Sage and cider gravy
Brown butter sweet potatoes
Corn muffins with apple butter
Roasted broccoli with mushroom and grape tomatoes
Sauteed sugar snap peas
Cranberry sauce

And for dessert:

Pumpkin pie with cinnamon cream
Warm buttermilk apple pie
Cranberry pecan pie
Carrot cake or Carameled carrot cake trifle (we'll see when the cake is cut)

We are going to be very full and happy. With our appetizers and dinner we will be having wine and beer TBD yet. Andy has an apple pie spice beer that we are planning on being ready to drink, and I have to do the wine shopping yet. For dessert my sister Lizzie has graciously offered her services as barista and will be providing a full assortment of specialty coffees. Today I made the stuffing, brined the turkey, made my pie dough, and did my food shopping. Tomorrow will be a busy morning in the kitchen, as our first of 3 Thanksgiving dinners will take place tomorrow evening. Yay! I will try and post something tomorrow night before the tryptophan kicks in. :-)

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