Thursday, November 10, 2005

The show must go on!

Today was the first day of the end of madness. :-) Today we held our official dress rehearsal for Bye Bye Birdie. The dress rehearsal is technically a performance. It is a performance for our school districts 4th and 5th grade students. It gives our cast a chance to fine tune their performances while playing to an audience, and the little kids always are an enthusiastic audience. There was many a glitch today, but hopefully they are all out of the system, and it will be smooth sailing from here on out.

The set is done, the costumes are done, and all we can do now is be a support system for the cast and crew and run the show to its conclusion. Our job is not over until we leave school on Sunday night with an empty stage. I am looking forward to Sunday. Today I told Andy that I am actually looking forward to simple tasks like cleaning the house. Pretty much since we moved in here, I've had my mind towards all I need to accomplish for the musical, and the house has sorely disintegrated. I'm looking forward to actually spending time in all the bedrooms, rearranging the furniture until it is something I am excited about. Putting new things on the walls, actually coming up with a vision for the master suite, and playing in the kitchen (of course) are things I am eagerly anticipating. Of course, we have Thanksgiving in two weeks and how can I not look forward to that! It sounds like we will have quite the full house. And even better- we get to celebrate Thanksgiving 3 days in a row!!! We get to spend Wednesday evening at Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner, then Thursday at our house, and then back to Mom's on Friday. There just wasn't a way for Mom to get the whole family together on one day, so we will get together every time we have opportunity. I have no problem with that. :-p

So I'm very tired, and not pulling together very cohesive thoughts tonight, so I will cut short by saying this:

Above all things: Avoid the Banquet Crock Pot dinners found in the freezer section. I threw one in the crockpot today before I left for school. I threw it down the garbage disposal when we got home, and pasta made a repeat performance this week. Let's just say that calling this stuff Dog Food is kind. Blech. So stay away.

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Lizzy said...

I'll remember that--no Banquet crock pot icky stuff. :) I CAN'T WAIT FOR THREE DAYS OF SOLID FOOD!!! :D:D:D:D Love you!