Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Taking a tiny bit of time for an update :-)

I figure I should take a second and post a few updates for everyone. I am taking a pause between making dinner and sewing a few accessories for the show to get my thoughts in order. I feel like a mad hen this evening. I am in a last minute scramble to get the set finished for the show, and my vision is coming together nicely, in my opinion. I am also trying to plan and pull off a Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. It will be fun and a blast. I have a carefully laid out my timeline over the next three days, and like any best laid plans... Today Zander and I went shopping for set things, a fresh turkey, and groceries for turkey dinner. Would have worked better if I'd remembered my gorcery list. :-s

So I did get most of my set things, minus those darn telephones. I had every intention of picking them up today, but ran out of time- so that means one more trip into Green Bay tomorrow. Which is fine since I still need to do my grocery shopping. Poor Zander is going to get very sick of running around. It's a good thing that gas went down to $2.39 today. And in the meantime, I have pieces of set EVERYWHERE and my house is so trashed. I have no idea how I'm going to get everything cleaned up and put away for Friday.

On the job front, Andy did go and officially fill out his job paperwork on Monday, and he will be back to work this coming Monday. So yippee! We're still not entirely sure what his pay rate will be, but let me tell you, it is a guaranteed raise from where he was- so that's awesome news. We have also pretty much made the decision today that we will likely not be doing the musical again after this year. There has been an extreme lack of understanding, as well as a blatant disregard for both of our time and talents. So we would rather not do it. It has been a hostile environment for Andy up at the school, and that is certainly not something we want our children experiencing through us. It is constantly being flung in our faces that we are getting paid to do yada, yada, yada. While we are doing these yadas, we are also going above and beyond, and the ironic thing is that we would do what we do without the financial compensation for our time. Those high school kids deserve to have as good of a show as they can have, and they work so hard. It is so thrilling to see their faces after they have put on a stellar performance. That is why we have done the musical. It is strictly for the kids, and somewhere along the line this year it became about the director, and that is awful. My heart is breaking for those poor kids who are getting chewed out at every corner. I will miss them next year, but there comes a point where we have to focus on our own children, and we are at that point. While we will miss it, we will be much happier being stress-free.

Okay, well, the roast is beeping at me, so I best go put the finishing touches on a speedy dinner, before the monsters tear apart the kitchen looking for their candy stash. :-)

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