Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ain't He Sweet

Andy was very sweet to me for Christmas. As you can see. There is a picture on my blog!!!!! Yeppers. My sweetie got me my digital camera. I can't wait to learn everything there is to know about my camera. I am really looking forward to experimenting, and being able to post pictures on my blog. Here in this photo you see my other gift. A set of Wolfgang Puck's cookware. I have really been in need of new cookware. The set we recieved for our wedding was fabulous at the time, but as any non-stick will do, they wore down and seriously needed replacing. I have been eyeing up these Wolfgang Puck pots and pans because they seem really nice. They have a very nice heft to them, are oven safe (including the lids!) and I equate Wolfgang Puck with quality. As I mentioned to Andy, I simply can't imagine this man putting his name and face on junk. So he bought me a set!!! Over the next few months we will add a few nice pieces of nonstick cookware as well, but this is a very good start- and very unexpected.

A little bit later on I am going to take some pictures of my kiddies to post on here as well. Likely they will be pictures of them enjoying their own Christmas spoils. :-)

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