Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fun with Eric Carle

So today I woke up feeling like my head had been shoved through a meat grinder. Another cold has rammed head first into me, and it is terribly frustrating. The worst part was that today I was supposed to accompany Abigail on a field trip to see Eric Carle stories performed on stage. She was so excited for Mommy to come, and when I woke up, it looked like Daddy was going to be joining her instead. Well, I just didn't want to let my princess down. I don't get many opportunities to go on field trips with her, since I am home with Zander. So I sucked it up and jumped in the shower. I took a Theraflu and stuffed my pocket with Kleenex. By golly, I was going.

I am so glad I went. Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia truly performed for these kids. It was so fun to see, the set pieces and the puppets are all flourescent, and the stage is flooded with black light, so we don't see the people manipulating the puppets. Truly a work of art. What was even more amazing was hearing a theatre full of kids laughing and expressing joy over their story book characters coming to life. The first story they performed was Little Cloud, and when I saw Abigail clapping like I've never seen her clap before, I was just elated. I must have thanked her 20 times today for letting me share that experience with her.

Fun as it was, it really knocked me out for the rest of the day though. SO dinner tonight was courtesy the McDonald's drive through. (Why did they have to put one of those nearby!) Not the most healthy choice, but by golly it was quick and painless, and my kitchen is still clean. Can't beat that on a day like today. Andy's Mom flies in tomorrow, so Zander and I will be having our own adventure picking her up at the airport. I hope we get to see some planes take off or land or something. And this all brings me to the big news of the day! Andy goes back to work tomorrow!!!! He has been off since the week before Christmas, unexpectedly. So we asre very glad to have him going back. It figures that he heads back to work the week his mom is coming to visit, but we are both happy for normalcy to return.

And that's it for tonight, I'm afraid. I have laundry to put away, my head is throbbing, and Zander is wanting some Mommy snuggles. Can't have a better ending to a nice day.

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