Tuesday, January 17, 2006

It's Intoxicating!

Today in the mail I recieved a package. As soon as I saw the familiar blue and white label, my heart started beating a little faster. I snatched that package and brought it into the house. Carefully I opened the other mail I had received, quickly recycling the unimportant, and filing the important. Soon, all that remained was the package. I set that package on my counter and just looked at the plain brown cardboard packaging, and the blue and white label and sighed. I soooo wanted to tear into it right there. My palms actually got itchy, and I found myself biting my lip. No. I must finish folding the laundry, put it away, and get more going. So I walk away and return to my laundry pile. Before I know what is happening, I'm racing from room to room hanging up this, and tucking away that, and my heart is beating a little faster, and I'm almost shaking from the anticipation.

Finally, the moment comes. Carefully, I grab my kitchen shears and remove the label, pulling out the reciept for my records. Next, I grab that familiar pull tab and pull open the box. After removing the extra flyers tucked in, I finally saw it. I gingerly set it on the counter while I dutifully walked my cardboard remains to the recycle pile in the garage. A return trip from the garage found Zander hungry. A wistful glance at my new treasure and I headed to the fruit bowl for a kiwi, and to the pantry for some wheat crackers. I settled Zander in the living room with his bowl of munchies, and Barney's Exercise Circus. One more trip back and forth added a cup of apple-raspberry juice. Obligations fulfilled, I finally have my moment. Immediately I am hit with an overwhelming urge to share with the world, so I grab my treasure and head straight to the computer.

And here I am.

What is it that causes this excitement for me? What on earth could make today better than any other day this week. Surely something truly special, something that will bring a smile to my face for a long time to come. Well, what else could it be than a new cookbook! Sara's Secrets for Weeknight Meals is sitting next to me at the computer here. I haven't even cracked it open yet. :-) But I am thrilled. Sara Moulton is one of my culinary heros. I have watched her on FoodTV for so long, and she truly is a genius. Sadly, her contract with Food Network has not been renewed, so I will have to watch what I can, while I can. Andy bought me her first cookbook last year, and while I read each word, I find most of the recipes in the book to be time consuming, and actually, a little impractical for my family at this time. I sure have high hopes for this new one. I have made quite a few of her recipes from her most recent show, Sara's Secrets, and I truly hope this book is chock full of those successes.

I am reminded of Andy's comments to me earlier- "What are you going to do today? The house is clean?" Guess what I'm going to do today? After I get Zander settled down for his afternoon nap, I am going to curl up on the couch my beautiful new treasure and indulge in an afternoon of food fantasy. Before I do that though, I simply must get some bread dough going. Maybe I'll be back later today to post something exciting, but for now, I am going to go enjoy myself.

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Cate said...

Nothing like curling up with a new cookbook. I like Sara's cookbook - nice and easy stuff. Enjoy your new treat!