Monday, February 20, 2006

Imagine that...It tastes like...Celery.

Well, the first attempt at celery was not a home run. Today I turned to a cookbook called 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes by Carol Gelles. The few recipes I have made out of this book have been pretty good, so I turned to the soup chapter. Bell Pepper-Celery Soup looked simple enough to make for a quick lunch, and sounded intriguing to me. So I quickly chopped up my veggies and got my soup simmering. When it was ready I added a few shavings of Dubliner Cheese and some fresh parsley, and dug in my spoon. It tasted like celery. With a touch of heat from the jalapeno. But mostly, celery. I think I also made an error in using my food processor instead of the immersion blender, as the veggies were not pureed completely, rather they still had some texture. It was just odd. I do think it would make a good palate cleanser for a multi-course meal. But other than that, it really didn't rattle my bones. And since it only used a few stalks of celery anyway, it really was a bit of a bummer. If someone would like to see the recipe, I will be happy to post it for you, just let me know. But basically it is bell pepper, celery, onions, jalapeno, veggie stock, and seasoning.

Hopefully tomorrow's celery journey will prove more fruitful as I turn to one of my favorite food icons, Mario Batali for inspiration. Come back tomorrow for the results of that. Today I get to check soup off of my celery list. I still have a main course and a salad up my sleeve, and possibly more after that, depending how tomorrow goes. Mom has graciously accepted my offer of some produce, so I will have a little help with consumption. On tap for tonight will be a unique use for some of the many cherry tomatoes. If I get a chance, I will be back tonight to share the simple treatment.

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