Monday, February 27, 2006

Kid Approved and Andy Approved

Today when Abigail came home from school, she walked in, and looked a little sad. I asked her how her day was, and she burst into instant tears. It took a few sobs before she could get out what had happened, but I had to laugh when she finally got it out. "Mrs. Schulz told me I can't have Coke anymore. Or lots of things I like to eat." LOL! They are studying teeth this week in school, and they were told today that those things are bad for their teeth. Now Abigail and Zander are not soda kids, it is a special treat for them. If they have it once a week that would be saying they have it a lot. So Abigail and I sat down and I had to explain the difference between someone who drinks a lot of soda, and Abigail who only has it every once in a while. I think she understood, but I decided that she needed to help me with tonight's dinner.

Together we prepared a recipe from Eating Well magazine. A magazine I am getting to really enjoy. It is very informative, and I enjoy reading it. But this was my first recipe attempt from them. Asian "Salisbury" Steaks were very simple to make. Abigail had a good time helping me mix everything together, although she didn't want to help make the patties, she is so funny about getting her hands dirty. I made some brown rice and California Vegetables to complement the dish. It was an instant hit. Abigail enjoyed it, Zander seemed to enjoy it, and Andy gave it an enthusiastic make again. So we will definitely make again.

I did change the recipe up a bit form the original, but not too much. The magazine suggested serving it on a bed of sauteed watercress. That is just odd, so I eliminated that, and for the sauce I omitted a Japanese rice wine and used chicken stock instead. I was impressed at how much flavor was in this entree. There really wasn't much to it. So I am thrilled that it was a winner. Other than the rice, this was thrown together and on the table in about 20 minutes, so it is definitely a quick busy night meal. If you would like to see the original recipe, you can check it out on Eating Well's website. I have my version posted on the Recipe Trove, and you can find that one there.

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