Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sorry 'Bout That

So sorry if you tuned in here to find out what happened to my celery last night. As it turned out, I spent yet another day with Zander not feeling well, and we spent the day watching Thomas the Tank Engine ALL DAY. So Andy brought home some Buffalo Wild Wings and we had a take-out night last night.

Can't say that I'll make any promises to get on that celery project today either though. My thoughtful son shared with me, and I'm not feeling so hot right now. It is a long time until dinner time, but right now I'm thinking it will likely be a soup night. And it won't be celery soup, that's for sure. If I get a chance I will be back later, if not, well, this will have to hold you over.

How's that for a real princess?


Mom Waz said...

How beautiful Abigiail looks! No wonder Andy got all choked up.

Lizzy said...

She was so wonderful in the wedding...she'll definitely be wearing that dress at mine, too. :)