Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why are you checking in here?

Just a very short and quick post this morning. I have much on my plate, and have yet another day full of shopping for the wedding ahead of me. I am finally onto the food shopping, I think, vs. the necessary items, so that is fantastic.

Anyway, since i will be posting very little over the next few days, I thought I should just mention that you should be doing something else anyway. The Winter Games are Open!! Get thee to a TV and watch the Games!! I love watching the Olympics, summer or winter, and the fact that NBC carries the games, and there is always something on one of their channels makes me a happy girl. So go watch. Watch the joy of young people from across the globe try to achieve their dreams. Ooh. Such exciting stuff.

I will leave you with a picture today. If I can't post about food, at the very least I can share a picture of Zander having his own happy moment.

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