Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love Spring/ Weigh In Wednesday

Happy Spring!!

I love spring. My kids love spring. And I love my kids. And now that it is spring, we are officially a happy family. The kids are so thrilled to be able to play outside. Zander especially. Abigail was playing outside anyway because of three recesses a day, but Zander just stayed in the house all winter. Yesterday he literally spent the entire day outside. He came in for nap and supper. That was it. If I was looking for chances for more me time, I can certainly get it now- so long as I keep an eye on Mr. Mischief. So maybe happy kids and happy spring just makes me feel better today, like a breath of fresh air has swept through the house. (Literally, actually.) But perhaps...

Part of the reason for my great mood is that this morning I stepped on the scale, and it went down nearly 2 pounds! The needle kind of wavered between two dashes, so it for sure has gone down 1 pound! Of course, I like to be optimistic and say that it was close to 2 pounds, just not enough to get over that halfway point. After nearly a month of determination, it's about time I see some results. I am certain that the results this morning were from my total concentration on exercise this past week. I do think I've been ever more diligent this week watching my diet, but I also think that my weight decrease is more attributed to the fact that I'm actually using the calories I am consuming. That is a huge victory for me! I am very excited to see that the scale actually moved. It just makes me even more determined I think. It makes me think that if I keep it up, I can actually reach my goal, I'm very excited about that.

I am finding myself to be excessively snacky lately. It's almost like since I am determined not to eat them, they are calling to me even more. I do have assorted veggies in the fridge cut up and at the ready anytime. And today I picked up some grapes, which are easily available at any moment. I've really been concentrating on the fruits and veggies, and I can actually feel a physical difference- I'm not so tired and draggy all day. Last night I made chicken parmesan and limited myself to only half a chicken breast, and a huge serving of California Blend Veggies with Penzey's Florida Pepper on it. And a small portion of whole wheat pasta and sauce- no cheese on there. I was more than satisfied, and to conquer my after-dinner sweet tooth I had a cup of decaf Vanilla Chai Tea with a tiny bit of honey and milk. Perfect.

And speaking of that whole wheat pasta- I think I get the sneaky Mom award this week. I usually purchase and make Barilla pastas, which are good, but not whole grain. I do buy whole wheat pasta on occassion, but not regularily. Well, last night Abigail had two full helpings of whole wheat spirals with tomato sauce!! And then she asked for more, but changed her mind after she drank her milk. I'm going to have to pick up plenty more whole wheat pasta. Abigail loves pasta with red sauce (gee, where does that come from Grandma?) and specifically asked me last night if next time we could get long noodles. So bring on the whole wheat spaghetti.

Well, I am off to put the monster to sleep so I can get on with my aerobic workout. I may pull out the Tae Bo today. The workout I have recorded is good, but I think I should change it up a bit, and since the only other one I have is a step workout and my step won't be here until next week, it looks like a Tae-Bo type of day.

I hope everyone else had a great week as well!!

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The Mom said...

She had to get SOMETHING from me, didn't she? After all, her brother got his Grandpa's dimples! Tee-hee! Congrats on the weight loss - I hit the -17 mark again this morning after the funeral week set me back up almost 3 pounds. And HAPPY SPRING!!!!