Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Restaurant Review

Last night I was pleasantly suprised with dinner. We usually have the small group of restaurants we like to frequent and stick with those. I was in the mood to try something different, something new. Our number one goal is kid friendly. Another good goal is someplace where Andy can get a good glass of beer- he's a homebrewer and a microbrew fan, so the beer selection usually needs to be extensive. So last night we decided to take Red Robin for a spin. I did not know this was a fairly extensive chain restaurant, I knew there were a couple in the area, but I didn't realize this place was national. I know there are plenty of people out there who eschew the idea of a chain restaurant, favoring the private restauranteur at all costs, but this is worth the exception.

The staff was extremely friendly and accomodating to our kids. Our waitress explained everything in perfect detail, and actually encouraged us to make substitutions. Or in the case of milkshakes for the kids, "order the adult one and I'll bring two cups for them, it'll be a little cheaper for you." Just so, so friendly and nice. When we ordered the kids meals, I was very pleased that children were given a choice of fries, fruit, or salad to accompany thier meals. Abigail chose the fruit, Zander the fries. Next time though, I will have them both take fruit and share my fries. The fries are bottomless. So if you order a burger and fries, they keep bringing you more fries anytime you want. Andy and I each ordered a burger. There were plenty of cheese choices to choose from, and again, we were encouraged to add whatever we wanted to our burgers! It didn't take too long for the meal to arrive, and the food was very good. And for those who care, I ordered a guacamole-bacon burger, but had them hold the bacon. I didn't eat the whole burger, and I gave a good portion of my fries to Abigail, so I did very well at eating out without going too crazy.

We will certainly go back. The prices are pretty modest. Burgers range from 6-9 dollars depending on what you order, and kids meals are 4 bucks. We will most definitely go back when we are on the mood to go out for a burger. My only caveat with the place is that it is a little noisy. So it wouldn't be the best place to go and strike up an intimate conversation, but it's a fantastic place to take the kids for a dinner out. A big thumbs up from my family for Red Robin. Check it out if you have one near you.

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