Thursday, March 9, 2006

Revisiting an Old Friend

Here I promised to be back yesterday with a yummy dinner recipe, and then I realized that I had already posted the dinner on the blog before. And then the mroe I thought about it, I am just not crazy about the dish. This was the third time I'd made it, and while each time was slightly different, it just wasn't stunning me. So I decided to not blog about it, and I will likely delete it from my Mastercook program. There's just too many good dinners out there to keep repeating a mediocre one.

But on to tonight. Yet another repeat. But one definitely worth repeating. In a big way. You can read the original post that goes with it right here. The recipe is there too. Every once in a while I just get in the mood, and this was the night. Jane Brody's Lentil and Potato Stew is all about comfort. And once again, I want to lick the pot clean. Luckily for me I don't though, cause this stew makes plenty for lunch for me for several days. Today I did make a few changes. Well, really one.

Bob on the CLBB suggested once changing up the white potatoes with some sweet potatoes. Normally, I wouldn't go for that, I usally like my sweet potatoes sweet. But I happened to just pick up a 5 pound bag of yams and had them laying around. So I used 3 red potatoes and one large yam. That was a great combination. I would do that again in a second. And while I was thinking about it, I was thinking that someone on a potato restricted diet could exchange cauliflower and zucchini for the potatoes with much success. In fact I may even try that sometime.

Today I also added the dreaded chutney. My last experience with chutney was not a pleasant one. But being brave, I thought I would try again. In fact, tonight's dinner was inspired by that jar of mango chutney. The grocery store I shop at most often has been doing a reset. That's been really annoying, and I was worried when I saw them taking apart the natural foods aisle. I like that the natural and organic foods are all together, vs. other stores where the organic and natural brands are in with the regular groceries. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I found a very expanded organic and natural section. They have such a variety now that I don't feel the need to lament the lack of a Whole Foods. And not only did they expand the natural foods, but they expanded the International as well. They have always had a large Mexican and Asian section, but now they've added more diversity by adding Thai, Indian, and of all things, British selections. Treacle Pudding anyone? That's where I found today's version of chutney. I am very pleased with it, and now I won't be so afraid of the stuff.

I guess that's it for tonight. It's really been an uneventful couple of days around here. Maybe tomorrow there will be a little excitement...

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