Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sometimes I do eat leftovers...

The kitchen's been a little boring, and will continue throught the week I am afraid. But last night I did make a delicious stir-fry that I thought I could share today. Stir-fry is a tricky thing, at least for me. I have made soooo many different stir-fry's, and they just never really turned out well. Either everything was way over-cooked, or the sauce didn't taste right, or the meat was dried out. I decided to give up the idea of cooking good Asian food at home. Then one Sunday I decided to make Eggrolls for Company Dinner. Someone else brought potstickers and a dessert, but the meal needed an entree. So I decided to brave it just one more time. Only this time, I actually used a recipe.

Who knew? One would think that you could just throw some Asian ingredients into a pan and have it work out okay. Guess what- sometimes a recipe is very helpful! So I turned to good ole reliable- Cooking Light. I have decided that they do indeed know their stir frys. Three Pepper Beef had the perfect amount of seasoning and flavor, and I managed to not overcook the vegetables. So last night I revisited this recipe, making a few changes. I used chicken and chicken broth instead of beef, and added some other veggies. I also used Tamari instead of soy sauce, as I really like the mildness tamari has. I will use that again. And the chicken and veggie turned out equally as good as the beef version. It was fantastic, and really reminded me of good take out. So I will be going through my Cooking Light Annuals and looking for some more Asian recipes from them.

You can find the recipe for Three Pepper Beef in the Recipe Trove, so check it out if you havne't already. And substiutions in this case are extremely easy. Don't like peppers? Use a yummy combination of button, shiitake, and oyster mushrooms instead. Mmm. Just as good.

I'm not sure what's on deck for tonight. I will share if I get a chance. I do have to make some goodies for Abigail for school tomorrow though, so we'll see. :-)

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