Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Unexpected, This Is

I just had to borrow from Yoda... today I had the most unexpected thing show up on my doorstep. It was a package. A very unassuming package. I wasn't expecting a thing. Imagine how wonderfully surprised I was to open up the cardboard box and find this:

This my friends, is six packages of go-juice. Six beautiful packages of small-batch roasted coffee. And an awesome coffee mug, and a pretty cool baseball cap to go with. And what did I pay for these fantastic treasure? Not a lick. Not one red cent. And I simply couldn't wait. I was scheduled to pick up Abigail from school in 15 minutes, but I had to make some now! My coffee maker makes 10 cups in 5 minutes, surely that is enough time to get the coffee to a drinkable temperature. As fast as my little hands would work I chose one and brewed up a pot of mocha colored bliss. And how was it?

I'm not telling just yet. :-) This coffee comes to me from Boca Java, and in return for the free coffee, I will be sharing some reviews of their coffee with you. Each flavor will get a full blown review from me, and let me tell you, such work is truly daunting...okay, not really, but I am certainly relishing the task ahead of me. In addition, you will also see a link to Boca Java on my sidebar. Just from opening the box today, I knew this was some fantastic quality coffee. The aroma in my kitchen right now is simply heavenly. I feel like I've walked into an upscale coffee shop. Indeed, if I owned a coffee shop, I would be contacting Boca Java about carrying their coffee. The only thing missing from my experience today is a flaky pastry. Coming soon I will review the first of six wonderful coffees, so stay tuned for that.

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