Thursday, April 20, 2006

Weigh In Wednesday (On Thursday)

So I do apologize for yesterday. By the time I remembered it was Wednesday, I thought it was too late in the day to hop on the scale for an accurate analysis. But I did remember this morning. The drawback? I have one less day until next week Wednesday for me to find my motivation. I've lost it somewhere. Have you seen it? I did not lose any weight this week. Sad for me. However, I did not gain this week either, so that is somewhat encouraging. I just haven't felt like working out much. I am getting outside more and playing with the kids or taking Zander for a walk, so I am getting up and doing things, I just am not in the mood to formally exercise. I will attempt to start again fresh with that on Monday. Getting sick for that week just killed my motivation, so I will have to take a few days and rev myself back up for it on Monday. It may take that long to get up enough will-power. Food wise I still think I am doing really well at watching my portion control. I think my lack of weight gain this week is evidence of that. After all, this week was Easter, and there has been an indulgence or two in some chocolate or some ice cream. But I'm paying attention, and that is always beneficial.

Other than that, not much new here today. Zander and I went and did our grocery shopping this morning via Toys R Us. He was so cute...I just couldn't say no. So he spent some time playing while I perused the toy selection. I decided to pick up another outside toy for the kids, and settled on a pair of these huge nylon throwing discs-kind of like frisbees. The are for playing in or out of the water- so I thought they would be a blast. Well, we got home and I opened up both of them for Zander and he threw them around the yard a few times before heading upstairs to his train table and a little "private time". And of course, the wind picked up and it wasn't until about an hour later that I saw this large green disc rolling across the front yard. I ran out to pick it up and wouldn't you know, not a pink disc in sight. I'm so mad at myself. It wasn't a lot of money, but what a waste! And now some child in another part of town gets to have fun with it. Grr. Hopefully Zander forgets that I bought two of them for now, and Abigail will just think they have one to share. We'll just have to go to Toys R Us another day. I'm sure that will upset Zander terribly.

Depending on dinner tonight, I may be back with a dinner report...or maybe not. It depends what strikes my fancy between now and then.

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