Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Coffee Review #4: Late Night Log In

I am still plugging away at my Boca Java coffees. I hate to say it, but my supply is almost gone. I have had people ask me if I would purchase these coffees in the future. I mean, after all, I got free coffee- how could I not give it a favorable review. Well, let me assure you, I have every intention of placing an order with Boca Java as soon as I have run out. It is wonderful coffee. Ultimately comforting, and they have so many varietals and flavors, that I want to try almost all of them. I just love the concept of small batch roasted coffee. They roast it for me after I order it! It just can't get any better than that. And considering that Andy and I go through a serious lot of coffee in a short period of time, how could I not order from Boca Java. We went through a period of time where we were ordering from Gevalia. And yes, Gevalia does have good coffee, but they can't even hold a candle to the freshness and quality of the Boca Java. So if you have even an inkling that you might like to try some great coffee, click on the link over on my sidebar to let them know I sent you.

On to todays review. Late Night Log In is my absolute favorite so far. The package description says, "Blog on with a very bold, dark roasted blend of South American and Island coffees. This coffee is rich with flavor and has a smooth finish." And it is all that and then some. It is a dark coffee, which is how a prefer it, but it isn't harsh in the least. It still has that smoothness that simply rolls off the tongue and hits every taste bud on the way through. The aftertaste lingers for some time, but it isn't at all bitter, and really just makes you want another sip of wonderful coffee. Bold and rich is exactly the way to describe this coffee. Late Night Log In is a great pick-me-up. In addition to its remarkable flavors, it also has a bit of a kick. This is the perfect coffee to perk up your step so you can make it through that mid-afternoon slump. My only warning about this coffee is that it might not be the best choice for an after dinner coffee. Unless, of course, you like to be wide awake for those 2 a.m. infomercials.

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