Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Weigh-In Wednesday

And darn it. Wouldn't you know, I forgot it was Wednesday, and failed to weigh myself this morning. I just ran up and weighed myself, but I am a firm believer that if you are going to track your weight, you need to weigh yourself at the same time every day. My time is when I first wake up, before I've showered, and before I put shoes on. I didn't remember today. Running up just now and weighing myself does not look good. However, realistically, I know that I have seriously fallen off the wagon, so I am going to start over. Today I am at square one. The 3 1/2 pounds that I lost before is null. Whether it's still missing, or has stealthily slunk back on, it doesn't matter. Today I move forward. I REALLY like Alysha's approach of 5 pounds at a time. So here it is. Day one of 5 more pounds. They always say that it's the last 5 pounds that's the hardest, so maybe if I start with the hardest 5 pounds, the rest will be smooth sailing.

When I am being what I call "health conscious" (not on a diet), there really are two foods that help keep me on the straight and narrow. And those are yogurt and avocados. I don't know what it is about those foods, maybe because I just love them so much. My absolute favorite breakfast and snack is a bowl of vanilla low-fat yogurt, fresh fruit, and a sprinkling of either granola or Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch. I will happily eat that for breakfast any day of the week. I will also happily trade in a scoop of decadent ice cream for my yogurt parfait at any time. The picture at the right here is actually low-fat blueberry yogurt- my second favorite flavor of yogurt. It is a sad day when I find myself out of yogurt, because then I reach for something a little sweeter. So my #1 need is to keep low-fat yogurt in the house for me. Soooooo much healthier than junk food, and since I love it, I should utilize that love.

And as for the avocados...those are good to have around, and bad. I adore a fresh salad wrap for lunch- as long as it has an avocado on it. Something about that soft flour tortilla just screams avocado to me. And if I pile that wrap up with spinach and tomatoes, a sparse few slices of good cheese, that's a pretty decent lunch for me. But the bad comes in with the temptation to make a humdinger of a guacamole out of that avocado. Because guacamole just leads the way for a big ole plate of nachos to become lunch. So I do need to be careful with my avocados. However, since we are at the beginning of Farmer's Market season, maybe I'll be able to get creative and come up with some really satisfying veggie lovin lunches. We can see.

Anyway. I just needed to post a little something to prove that Weigh-In Wednesday is still on my mind. I'll try and remember to weigh myself properly tomorrow so I have a benchmark for next week.

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