Thursday, August 10, 2006

The grocery challenge


Obviously, this is going to be an ongoing process. Today I did the bulk of my grocery shopping at Sam's Club. I had the intentions of exclusively shopping there...but that just didn't work out well. There were things that I would look at the massive package and think, it would take way too long to use that up. Or there were things that were not available at Sam's. I am particular about my coffee, and Sam's doesn't have the one we like. They also didn't have Andy's Silk Creamer, so right there I needed to stop at the regular store. Then I got to the jumbo bottles of olive oil. I swear that price has really multiplied since I last bought a jug. I just couldn't see paying $20 up front for all that oil. But I did do very well in the meat department and the canned goods. I did overspend, but I was also shopping for a food drive, so I figured I could buy the larger boxes of canned goods, send half with the food drive and put half in my pantry. In addition, I splurged on a new vacuum, so let me assure you, there was plenty of sticker shock when I checked out. Yikes. I have to keep telling myself that I may have spent xxx this week (double my usual) but that the food I purchased today will last for several weeks. I do think it's going to take a few of these Yikes shopping trips to adequately fill my pantry, and then I can think on a week to week basis. Overall, even though I spent much more than expected, I think I am well on my way. This will really be helpful for this winter when Andy could have as much as 3 months off of work.

I also stopped at our farmstand. I love that place. (Wagner's in Black Creek for you locals). I picked up a ton of fresh vegetables for less than $20. I am debating going back and picking up a half bushel of pickling cucumbers. I really want to make pickles, but that quantity will commit me to an entire day of canning...maybe I will hold off until Monday. And who knows, by then they may have even more variety and I can pickle some other vegetables in addition to the cucumber pickles.

Okay just one quick proud Mommy moment today before I go try out my new vacuum. Yesterday we took Abigail to meet her 1st grade teacher- and let me say right away, LOVE HER. She is young and hip and so excited to be teaching. Abigail is going to have plenty of fun in her class. Abigail had to read to her new teacher, plus take a computer test to find out how she does with comprehension. Last spring she left school at a Level G (whatever that means) and yesterday her teacher was confident that she is reading at an advanced K to L level. I have no clue what those letters mean, but she is very advanced for a 1st grader. If they have a few more advanced kids in her class, she will have an enrichment group in class for advanced reading. Otherwise Abigail will probably have to join another class for reading time. How exciting! Abigail really can't wait. Her best friend is in her new class (hooray!) and the people we didn't want in her class aren't- so it's going to be a great year. It's going to be a long few weeks for Abigail. She is ready to go. Now I just have to convince Zander that 3 years isn't that long until he gets to go to school, he'd happily accompany his sister every day if I let him.


Tammy said...

I laughed about the YIKES trip to Sams. I've had a few of those myself. But I believe you're right, that a few of those yikes trips will stock your pantry/fridge/freezer nicely and then the shopping trip will be closer to normal and the novelty of Sam's will also wear off. You'll run in, go straight to the meat dept. or aisle that holds what you need and out the door you'll be.
I still like to go in some days just to stroll up and down each aisle. A little tip for ya...look at the white shelf tag(price tag)and if the price ends in .81 and the number has a C at the end, it's a clearance item. If it's something you want but not at a price you want, watch it, it'll usually drop down in price. I bought Airwick plug ins, 2 units and 4 refills for 4.81 and they went down to 2.81. There's many other good deals but you have to patient and happen in on the right day.
And YAY for Abigail and her reading. My youngest is going into 1st grade. We registered today and they start Monday. They were dreading it until they registered today and now they're a little excited again.

Erika said...

Thanks for all the thoughts Tammy. It's great to get an outside perspective. And thanks for the tip on the clearance prices, I'll have to remember that!