Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Look what I found!!

These are from my garden!!! We do need some rain, but I am finally picking some tomatoes. I am aware that in a few weeks I am going to be swamped- but I'm still very excited!

And as long as I'm sharing photos- I thought I'd share this picture I took of my brand new piece of Polish Pottery. I received it as a gift from Andy's Mom. She started me with this collection, and I just love it. This piece is perfect, as we don't have any kind of sauce server or gravy boat. So not only is it beautiful- it's super functional, as all my Polish Pottery is. And then the gift from my mother didn't take such a great photo. Apparantly my camera doesn't do well with tiny objects and close-ups. But here you get the general idea. This necklace belonged to my Grandma- we share birthstones, and Mom snagged this one for me from Grandma's things, so not only is it gorgeous, but I'll think of Grandma every time I wear it.

But the best gift yesterday was lunch from my little girl. She very proudly made Mommy a ham and cheese sandwich, which is her very favorite sandwich. Follow that up with an evening outside with my family, watching Andy and Abigail play soccer while I blow bubbles for Zander couldn't have been better. So thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. And if you tried calling and I missed you, sorry. We were outside enjoying our time together. I do appreciate the thoughts though.

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