Thursday, August 17, 2006


So I left off with a teaser yesterday about going grocery shopping today, and we never got there. So maybe tomorrow... Instead today we went to pick up Abigail's outfit for ballet class and then on to some school clothes shopping. Gotta love that. Abigail loves trying on clothes. But have you ladies seen the clothes this fall? The clothes for women, I mean. They're beautiful! This is the year of the woman! The lines and styles are soft and feminine. They cover instead of reveal, and they're very attractive. The colors are deep and vibrant- slightly earthy, but more feminine than the ugly tans and browns we've been seeing all summer. The dresses have a very nice flow to them, and I had a really hard time staying out of the ladies departments today. Conversely though- what is up with the little girls clothes this fall? Um, hello, little girls in cowboy attire is not cute. It's not attractive, and yuck! (Especially the cowboy meets the ghetto look going on...) Make it all go away! And the army fatigues in girls colors can go away too. Apparantly I'm going to have a hard time dressing my little girl like a little girl this year. This fall's color palate has such potential, and they put it on cowboy boots and metallic mocassins.

Additionally, I am back-to-school shopping. Why on Earth would the salesgirl try to up-sell me with a butt-ugly cowboy hat? What school allows their students to wear hats as a part of a daily wardrobe? Same thing goes with the matching purses.

At least we have ballet class to be pretty in pink...

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