Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Weigh In Wednesday

Ah, the start of a new month. Beginnings are always a good time to start afresh. To start something new. Maybe tackle an old project or make a resolve to quit a bad habit. Much like the beginning of the year, the beginning of a month can be the start of something new as well. And I have found inspiration in the most unlikely place. From a supermodel of all things. And Project Runway. Project Runway is back for another season. Last season the host, supermodel Heidi Klum was pregnant- very pregnant. She made maternity clothes look gorgeous. And now she's back, and she looks fabulous- and very not- pregnant. (Even though she is in fact pregnant with baby #3). Last week she wore a pair of my ill-thought peg leg jeans with a pair of heels. Not something I particularly want to wear myself. But I want to be able to. And if Heidi Klum can look that fabulous just a few months away from giving birth- by golly, I can do something too.

As this week is wedding week, I do not make a resolve to start immediately. I am realistic enough to know that over the next few days I am going to eat what I can when I can, and I won't have opportunity to exercise or count my calories. But next Monday, when all is said and done, I will have my time back and nothing to stand in the way of a healthy resolve. My intention is to find a time of day that I can call my own for the purposes of working out. Right now the unfortunate timing may well be in the wee hours of the morning. I also have intentions to work on diet a little bit. Not much- because we do eat healthily for the most part. But my main focus is going to be lunches. And here's why.

Now that it's August, my thoughts are constantly turning towards the tide of school starting soon. Even though it doesn't begin until September 6, August is the time to do shopping, take any last minute trips, and get ready for the coming school year. And today Abigail received a package in the mail that we both had been waiting for. Her Laptop Lunchbox. She is very excited to have the lunchbox- and I am very excited to fill it up. And I intend to spend a lot of the next month trying out new lunches on her- and in all fairness, I will eat them as well- and Zander most likely. In fact, when Zander saw Abigail's new lunch box the first thing he said was "where's mine?" So he will be getting one fairly soon, I suspect. In the meantime though he can use the extra set of inserts that I ordered for Abigail's. The booklet that came with her lunchbox is chock full of information and suggestions- and I have many of them swimming in my head. Now to get them into the lunchbox.


Jeff in MD said...

Wow, I want a laptop lunchbox!! All I had when I was a kid was a brown paper bag! Boo! Though I may have had a Scooby Doo lunch box at one point in time.

Tammy said...

I'm delurking here today!
First let me say that I love your blog. I love that you share a little touch of your personal life along with recipe successes and sometimes failures and the cute kid pictures.
I've seen the laptop lunch boxes on other sites and even visited the laptop website. So I'm curious about how it works out for your daughter. I know she doesn't start school until September but would you please keep us posted on how it works. Do things stay cold? Do you send hot foods for her? Is it durable? I am so tired of the unhealthy school lunches and have told my 2 girls(ages 6 and 8)that they will be taking lunch from home this year ALOT! They're ok with that and have always taken lunches some. My friend and I have decided the school was trying to find out how many ways they could prepare breaded chicken and potatoes. They offer few veggies each day and what they do offer most kids won't touch. Or when the students walk up to get their lunch, the workers ask this "would you like french fries OR broccoli?" Well, most kids unfortunately choose french fries. But they're suppose to offer BOTH. And one step further is the broccoli is so overcooked it's like broccoli soup and is quite disgusting. Still not a great nutritional meal.
Anyway, my girls use a regular lunch box and I buy the thermos that is rather small for hot foods like soups. That gives the girls a change of pace.
So along with how the new lunchbox works, maybe you'll share a few of your daughter's lunches with us?? Please!!
Thanks again for sharing your blog!
Sorry for the ramble....geez...not a good first comment!

Erika said...

Jeff- maybe if you ask Santa for one for Christmas...

Welcome Tammy! I will certainly keep everyone posted on the success of the Laptop Lunch. Our school really sounds the same as yours. Last year we did an even blend of lunches from home and lunch at school, and the end result was that Abigail preferred Mom's lunches. My only problem with my lunches was that they really became boring and monotonous. And I was getting sucked into the Go-gurt and chip routine as well. I'm really really hopeful that the Laptop Lunch will not only help Abigail to eat a nourishing lunch that will keep her going, but that maybe she will start a lunchroom buzz. That may be asking a lot of a first grader, but I am still hopeful. :-) Thanks for posting Tammy- I hope you have success with revolutionizing lunch time as well.