Monday, September 18, 2006

Busy Busy weekend

I'm glad it's Monday today. It means I get to relax and spend time with Zander- and do laundry of course. Our busy weekend actually started on Thursday. I started not feeling well with a cold. Lots of sneezing and runny nose stuff. I took a Claritin in case it was an allergy thing. That didn't help. So I took an Actifed- which usually works for me, and that didn't help either. So Thursday night I crawled into bed a little early to try and sleep it off. I kid you not, I was literally up all night. Literally. I finally was able to get my sinuses to settle downe just before Andy's alarm went off and woke me right up. I sort of was able to doze then until we had to get up and take Abigail to school. Surprisingly though, other than being all snarfly, I felt awake and alert, which was a good thing since Zander and I had shopping to do. So we headed out. Our first stop was to look for something I could take for this sneezing. After much deliberation, I settled on some Benadryl, took it and we continued on our way. As I mentioned previously, we were shopping for my swap buddy, and despite being drippy, I was having a great time.

Then we moved on. Andy and some of the guys from church were hosting a free breakfast at the church Saturday. It was the day of our organized City-Wide rummage sale, and they thought that would be a fun way to be a part of it. So I had to pick up everything they were going to need. And as Zander and I were meandering through Sam's Club, piling our cart full, all the sudden the Benadryl and lack of sleep caught up with me. Seriously, it was a little scary, I told Andy, I almost felt drunk, I was weaving and spacing and tired. So e left right away. We checked out and headed to the van. Putting everything in the van helped revive me a little, as did the Mountain Dew that I literally chugged. We drove home and were back home by 11:00 am. And I spent the rest of the day in a fog, just waiting for bedtime. The bright spot was that the Benedryl was working, the unbright spot was that I was so freakingly tired, and I had stuff to do.

Then comes Saturday. Amazing what a night of sleep does. Andy was up and out the door by 5:00 am to get ready for his breakfast. The rest of us were up by 6:00 because we had decided to hold a rummage sale ourselves. It was time to clear out the baby stuff and baby clothes. So I spent the morning collecting quarters from shoppers, and Andy spent the morning flipping pancakes and getting a visit from the county health inspector. (Which he passed nicely, btw.) And of course, Andy started not feeling so well himself. Then yesterday was our Sunday night group, and after a few days of go go go , I did not want to cook. Thank God for friends. My friend Elizabeth took over the dinner duties and made a fabulous Chicken Tikka Masala. She also stopped at the Indian retauraunt and picked up some Vegetable Pakoras, Naan, and a handful of sauces. Oh my it was all so good. Two weeks in a row of fantastic Indian food, and we are hooked. What a wonderful cuisine! Oh my, that naan used to sop up sauce and juices... oh gosh it was so good. So thank you Elizabeth! It was both very welcome and wonderful.

And finally, I feel I need to put this little tidbit out there. Our church just kicked off a new 40 Days Of Purpose Campaign, and for my part, I thought I'd keep track of my daily journaling online. So if that interests anyone... you can check that out at Purpose Driven In Seymour. And that's the only time I'll mention this on this blog, and this is the only link for it, so bookmark it if you want to keep up to date.


Claire said...

Erika! I'm glad you're feeling better. I do the same thing with not much sleep...early I feel very energetic and awake then early afternoon I just crash! Hope the sale and pancake breakfast went well. My dad has done that before and it turned out great. I added your Purpose blog to my favorites. I haven't done this study but just did a study on the names of God and it was pretty awesome.

Claire said...

BTW, I added you to my blog list on my blog!

Erika said...

Thanks Claire! The sale did okay- we still have a ton of stuff to get rid of, and the pancake breakfast was quite successful. They're already planning on doing that one again.