Sunday, October 8, 2006

Gooey Goodness

Tonight for company dinner we had a simple meal of sloppy joes with potatoes au gratin. It was simple to make ahead, and enjoyable by everyone. But the real star is a dessert that I know I've posted about before, but it bears repeating. Gooey Apple Sheet Cake is exactly what it sounds like. It is wonderful. It is cakey, it is gooey, it is full of apples, and oh so good. In fact, you can tell yourself it has oatmeal in it, so that makes it good for you- right? This recipe comes from the Cooking Light bulletin board, and a regular there, valchemist. Val is a baker extraordinaire, and when she says something is good, you'd best pay attention. She was so right about this cake, it's definitely a favorite around here.

You can find the recipe in the recipe trove if you're interested, just click on the link above to find it. The only problem I had with it today was with my apples again. These apples have a really high moisture content, so it's throwing my baking out of whack. I had to bake this cake an extra 15 minutes, and it probably still could have used a couple more. I'm debating what else I can do with them, because I certainly can't make apple pie with them- I'd end up with apple pie soup. So we'll see. They may just be used for eating and for applesauce- we always like fresh applesauce, so that's always an option.

As to the week ahead... hard to say. Potty training is going horribly, I really think Zander can't tell when he has to pee. The only times we've caught it, he hasn't even realized he's done it. So I think we may back off on the training. As much as I'd like to be done with diapers, its stressing both myself and Zander out, and it's just not good for us. Besides, I'm certainly in no rush. While it would be nice to not have to buy diapers, I don't think that is a reason for potty training. I think we're going to wait until he's at least 3, or when he comes to us that he wants to use the potty. I had wonderful conversations today with two women who have boys, and when I shared my concerns and frustrations, they both gave me great advice regarding potty training boys. I am so grateful for both those conversations today, the past few days I've kind of felt like a bad mom because training is going no where, and we're both frustrated with it. Zander wants to please Mommy, and he's proud as punch when he makes it, but he seems so disappointed when he comes to me with wet pants. And I don't want him to be disappointed with himself. If he's physically not ready, then he's not ready.

So I guess that answers my own question, doesn't it. :-) I do have a project planned for the week ahead, so we'll see if I get around to it. Happy Sunday everyone! Here's to a great week ahead.


Claire said...

This cake does sound yummy, althought for some reason I'm on a big pumpkin kick! Would there be a way to "milk" your apples before you put them in the dishes so that they wouldn't be as juicy in there? Maybe sugar them (like you would strawberries for shortcake) and then pour the juice off? Just a thought!

Xander will do it when he's ready. Boys take longer to train (I've been told from pediatricians) and some children take longer than others!

Claire said...

Just realized I mis-spelled Zander's name...sorry!