Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Apples

Last night for Monday Night Football I thought I'd make Andy a pie. Since my apples are very juicy, a plain pie was not to be. So I turned to another favorite from Cooking Light, a Buttermilk Apple Pie. In this pie, you cook the apples over the stove top first to soften them before adding to the pie. I started there. I tossed my apples into the pan and cooked them as long as I possibly dared. They were very soft, and most of the moisture had cooked away. If I'd stirred them vigorously, I would have had applesauce. I put the apples in the pie crust, the custard in the pie crust an tossed it in the oven.

I made some changes this time. The original recipe, as published in Cooking Light is in my Recipe Trove, but sometimes I just want to tweak. First of all, I never, ever, use a store bought pie crust. So that was my first change. Secondly, I added an extra 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the custard itself- I thought that would perk up the flavor, and I was right about that. Thirdly, when I cooked the apples, I left their glorious liquid in the pan, and just put the apples in the pie. I'm sure I lost some flavor there, but custard is a touchy thing, and I didn't want excess moisture gumming it up. And finally, I actually eliminated the streusel topping. I love streusel topping, and I've always used it for this pie, but in this case, the streusel never crisps up. So I left it off completely, and I confess that I don't miss it. If you wanted a little bit of crunch, I think this would be the perfect place to crumble up some oatmeal cookies for a topping, but really, the streusel isn't necessary.
I also learned something else about this pie. It's better to cool it completely before cutting- possibly even refrigerate overnight. This is a deep-dish pie, and my only deep dish pie plate is a stoneware plate, so every time I make this pie, we're cutting into it slightly warm. Well, since no one came last night, it sat untouched until lunch time today- and it cut perfectly. This is excellent to learn, since this is on my Thanksgiving menu for this year. No I know I want to make it at least a day ahead, and I wonder if it would fare okay made 2 days ahead, or if the crust would weep up on me. Something to test I think.

Anyway, this is a fantastic pie, always a favorite, and it is a lighter pie, so you can feel less guilty about eating it. So check out the recipe for Warm Buttermilk Apple Pie. You won't be disappointed.


Claire said...

Ooooo...this looks good and I plan on making an apple pie for Thanksgiving. However, I don't think that my brother (the one I making the pie for) would like the custard part, so I may just go for a classic apple pie! This looks delicious, though.

Erika said...

Definitely try this one Claire. It's not your typical custard. The buttermilk gives it a great tang.