Monday, October 16, 2006

Project Weekend

Sorry. I guess I've been MIA. It's been project weekend at our house, so there hasn't been much to tell. Andy and I have spent the weekend working on a couple of things, and there really hasn't been anything going on in the kitchen. Friday we took the opportunity to go out to dinner. Since our last dining experience was so terrible... we felt it was time to go out and erase that memory. So we let Abigail choose, and she chose a new restaurant for us- Texas Roadhouse. I've heard good things about this place, so we thought it would be okay. And overall, dinner was good. The steaks were nicely seasoned- and the sweet potato on the side was really good. In fact, should we go again, I plan to order a sweet potato and a salad and call that dinner. I only have one caveat to returning there. And that is the kids menu which features Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

What is with restaurants these days??!! Anybody who features Easy Mac on a menu and charges $3.99 for a small bowl of it is suspect. I don't care if you butcher your own steaks or make the best pizza in town. DO NOT serve my children macaroni and cheese from a box. Fortunately, Texas Roadhouse does state right on the menu that it is Kraft Mac and cheese, so the kids didn't even have the option of macaroni and cheese. I don't know. I'm torn about this restaurant. The food was very good, good enough to go back for, but the mere fact of the mac and cheese may sway me. I already have a list going of restaurants we will never go to again, merely because of the macaroni and cheese being out of a box. Needless to say, it may take some convincing to get me to go back there. And for those who are curious, my little list includes Hudson's, Uno's Pizzeria, Boston's, and now Texas Roadhouse.

So on to the projects this past weekend. I bought fabric and a pattern to work on some new ballet skirts for Abigail. It's been a little more difficult than I expected to make them. Working with those layers and layers of tulle was maddening to say the least. I think part of the problem was my choice of pattern. I was really looking for something more simple. So we'll see. I have one successful skirt, one that needs some finishing, and two more that need to be started. I may save the unused fabric and find a different pattern. Andy's project though was much more fun. Last weekend we were given a hutch. A rather hideous hutch, actually. It was very 1970's, and dark. In fact, it would have matched my sister's hand-me-down furniture perfectly. (You know Rachie. The wood look that is actually mostly plastic?) Anyway, we decided we really didn't have room for it in our dining room, but thought that with a few changes and some paint, it would make a great bookshelf for our bedroom. Here is the finished project off to the right. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it's actually a deep wine color that I pulled out of our comforter. Andy also aged it a little in spots with some ivory colored paint. He changed the hardware to gold hardware, painted the inside a contrasting white, and the coolest change was the glass panels on the top half of the hutch. The original panes were glass with this VERY dated matte gold detailing. So he pulled those out and actually used ceiling light acrylic to fill in the sides. It turned out awesome. And as you can see, there is plenty of room for more books, and it looks fantastic in our bedroom. It's starting to really all come together. Next week he's going to paint a couple of things this same wine color to pull the together, and I'm thinking I may actually get started soon on some window treatments. But the best part of this whole project was the cost. Total, I think we spent about $25 on paint and materials for this hutch.
Today I have some new brownies that I want to tackle... if they turn out, I'll be sure and share them. But other than that, it's Monday Night Football night, so it's hard to say if there will be much cooking going on.


Tammy said...

My girls love Texas Roadhouse. In fact, we ate there Friday night. And while they actually love the "blue box" mac n cheese, they order steak(oldest)and ribs(youngest)at Texas Roadhouse.
Tuesday nights, I think, is kids night there and they bring the roll dough to the kids to shape and then it's baked and brought back for them to eat, if they dare, lol. They also have the mascot walking around and ice cream sundaes for the kids. Give it another try, especially if your kids will eat something other than the blue box special!

Jenn said...

Not to sound mean or anything but who cares if they serve Kraft mac-n-cheese. If Abigail and Zander won't eat it then don't order it. There are plenty of other choices. As an option order something for the two of them to share. Something from the adult menu. Better quality. Also You and Andy could always go out by your self on a date to those places.(excluding Hudsons)
Personally until Kara is much older we won't take her there. Texas Roadhouse is strickly a Mom and Dad place to go.

Erika said...

That's not mean Jenn... but in my opinion, if a restaurant serves bluebox mac-n-cheese it says something about the quality of food there. We already avoid places like Applebees where we know for a fact that their food is prepackaged and re-heated. If we are going to splurge and go out to eat we have standards that we expect met. And one of those standards is that the food is actually prepared on premises. It's not an issue of the kids menu per se, it's an issue of the menu as a whole. They do advertise that they cut their steaks on site and they make a big deal about the stuff they prepare fresh every day, so that is a plus.

The kids did enjoy their meals as a matter of fact (mac and cheese wasn't even a choice for them) and we did too... but like I said, the place is just suspect to me. I don't know why you wouldn't take Kara there? The kids had a blast. They had fun cracking peanuts while waiting, and they loved watching the line dancing. They ate very well, there was definitely no room for dessert- although our waiter didn't even offer now that I think of it.

Lol. I think the whole world knows by now that we don't do date nights... no such thing as a strictly Mom & Dad place here. If the kids can't go, we won't go.

the rachel said...

what's wrong with my furniture?!?!? =P