Monday, November 6, 2006

9 Wierd Things Meme

Okay, I lied. I actually will have 3 posts today. I was reminded of the meme which I was tagged for by Cooking Is Medicine. I will try and put the foodie twist on this meme.

9 Weird Things about me.

1. I don't like ice cream with my cake. I hate it when the ice cream gets all melty and gets into the cake. Separate vessels for me please.

2. My absolute favorite sandwich is banana, peanut butter, and marshmallow. (Sometimes with chocolate for good measure)

3. I love, love, love chopping garlic. Give me a knife and a cutting board and garlic, and I will be a happy person. I will never own a garlic press or chop my garlic in a processor.

4. I don't like sourdough bread. I wish I did, but I keep trying it, and I just don't like that tang in my bread. I don't like white sourdough- or rye breads made with a starter. Ack. Just not for me, I guess.

5. I also don't like butter on my bread unless the bread is warm. I love it when the butter can melt into the bread, but I can't stand cold butter smeared on a slice of cold bread.

6. I love Kool-Aid. Plain old fruity Kool-Aid is my favorite summer-time drink. Give me a choice between a great Iced Tea and Kool-Aid, and I will most often choose the Kool-Aid.

7. Oven-roasted vegetables are the Holy Grail to me. I adore roasting any vegetable with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I'm even contemplating trying roasting lettuce... I just love it when the vegetables get all caramelized and sweet... and watch out if there are mushrooms added!

8. I love tequila. Straight up, in a margarita, or a tequila sunrise... I am a tequila girl.

9. I dream of someday running a Chocolaterie- just like the one in the movie Chocolat. I would love to spend my days making candy and chocolate and other pastries and confections. I love the feel of chocolate tempering with my bare hands. This year I'm hoping to experiment with some savory flavors in my chocolates...

Would you like to do this meme? Consider yourself tagged. You don't have to limit it to foodie choices if you don't want. 9 Weird Things About You.


Claire said...

oh, yeah...Have you ever tried sourdough wheat? That's what I make and I've never noticed it being tangy. The starter I use is potato flake and is not a doughy starter, that may make a difference.

Claire said...

So, my first comment didn't post. Looks like our cake preferences don't mix!! I think my Kool-Aid taste buds were ruined by watery Kool-Aid at vacation Bible school...Yuk! I don't like tea either, so given your choices I guess I'd be thirsty! :-)

Erika said...

Oh I used to hate the Kool-Aid at the after church functions. The ladies would never put enough sugar in- or else they would mix it with Ginger Ale and call it punch. Blech.

I know you don't like sweet tea- but you don't like it straight up? I don't like my tea sweetened, but I love a cup of real tea black.

Claire said... tea for me, unless it's spiced and that's not really tea. Although, I think I could "handle" hot Earl Grey if I had to, but I would want some sweetener in it. Funny, though...I can drink some coffees black.