Monday, November 13, 2006

Breakfast for dinner

Last night was supposed to be our weekly Company Dinner. It seems that in recent weeks, we've made just about everything, so last night we decided that we should try and do something a little different, and make breakfast for dinner. The cool thing about breakfast is that one usually has the ingredients on hand for dozens of different breakfast items. I decided that it had been a long while since I made an Overnight French Toast- so that was the chosen main course. Accompanied by fruit, sausages, juice, and coffee, it was a perfect choice for a company meal.
I assembled the french toast in the morning before heading to church. It's ridiculously easy. I cubed bread and placed it in a baking dish. I topped that with two blocks of cream cheese- which I cubed this time, but I've also let it soften, added some milk, and poured it over to make it even. I decided to do an apple-cinnamon version, so apple slices went over the cream cheese, topped by more bread cubes. Finally, a mixture of eggs, milk, maple syrup, and cinnamon was poured slowly over the whole thing. The dish went into the fridge to wait several hours for dinner.

Well, all our company cancelled on us. I was looking at this huge pan of french toast, and wondering if the kids would actually eat it. They've never been huge fans of french toast. In fact, Zander doesn't seem to care much for breakfast food in general that's not cereal. But I figured they would eat sausage and fruit, if nothing else. So I baked it up and it was perfect accompanied with a drizzle of maple syrup instead of the fruit topping I usually have. And the surprise of the night? The kids inhaled it! And I mean inhale! Abigail didn't leave a bit on her plate, and kept saying "MMMM" the whole while. Zander needed some encouragement to try it (and I had to tell him the cream cheese was frosting) but once he did, several bites quickly followed. So we found a rare winning recipe that the whole family loves. It also keeps well for several days, so Andy can have a hot breakfast for a few mornings before work. You can find the recipe for Overnight French Toast in the recipe trove.

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