Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still Looking?

Are you still looking for one or two things to round out your cookie platters? I know I always like to change things up every year and add one or two more new things. So when I saw these cookies at The Savory Notebook, they were a must try. They are so pretty, and after making them, I can also affirm that they are delicious. A dark chocolate cookie dough comes together in a snap, and is rolled in powdered sugar before baking, so that as they bake, the cookies split and get this gorgeous crackly black and white appearance. Try them, you won't be disappointed.

But maybe you're looking for something other than an actual cookie, something a little more unusual. Have you thought about biscotti? With all the sweets and goodies, a piece of biscotti can actually be refreshing. Not quite as sweet as a cookie, it goes excellent with a mug of something warm and really has endless possibilities. Cooking Light's Cranberry Chocolate Chip Biscotti fit the bill perfectly. They easily combine on-hand ingredients, and they really taste good. The more adventurous could certainly dress them up with a bath in chocolate, but they really don't need it. And they look really good stacked up tall in a clear cellophane bag and tied with a twisty- excellent for adding to that gift basket you're procrastinating at finishing.

And finally, it's tradition week over at Well Fed. There have been several articles this week that have made me smile, you should go check them out. Especially since I shared today about my own little tradition on Kids Cuisine. Check it out.


Claire said...

I love biscotti. Just made some for my Christmas tins that come from Allrecipes...they use olive oil and taste great! Glad that your little ones are feeling better!

Erika said...

For some reason I never think to make biscotti... yet I love having one or two with an afternoon cup of coffee. I just have to make it more often, I guess.

The kids are good... they've passed the fun on to Mom and Dad I think...