Friday, December 1, 2006

Word of Mouth

This is for the local foodies who read this blog.

The word is out, and we have something to be excited about. A friend of mine went to a new store in the Green Bay area called Naked Foods Grocery- and they are just that. An organic/whole food grocer. According to my friend they are striving to have 95% organic products- and they have an in-house bakery and cafe. It's about time something came to the area! The warning here is that they are not fully stocked yet- their grand opening won't be until January, but the are open for business, and you can check them out if you so desire. I will say that I haven't been yet, but my friend is a very reliable source, and when she says it's definitely worth a trip- I listen.

The place is Naked Foods Grocery and is at 2638 Tulip Lane in Howard. Their phone number is 920-662-1622 if you'd like to give them a ring. For those scratching their heads, it's right off Cardinal Lane- which is also EB and Packerland in other parts of the city. Check it out and let's support a local opportunity to eat smarter!

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Claire said...

I LOVE the name "Tulip Lane." It would be fun to live of a street named that!