Sunday, January 14, 2007

Truly no Food here...

Just cats.

Yesterday we took the kids out to spend some gift cards we'd all received for Christmas, and we also had to stop at Build-A-Bear since the tooth fairy left a card for there too. We couldn't just get one for Abigail, so we asked Zander if he wanted one too. They both looked over all the animals carefully before they both settled on the same cat. Abigail had to stuff both of them because Zander was a little afraid of the stuffing machine, but they both filled their hearts with love and gave their new friends names and personalities.

The cat on the right is Zander's. He chose a pirate outfit- complete with parrot and sword, and named his stripey cat Garfield. Abigail named her kitty Molly, and then chose a stunning cheerleader outfit- hers of course with underpants and shoes as well. On our way home last night, it occurred to me that Abigail had chosen a red cheer outfit. Hmmm.... Save the Cheerleader, Save the World? In cat form?


Claire said...

Cute! I think both names are fitting.

Erika said...

Yeah, it really was fun picking them up, and while I knew that Abigail would love her new friend, Zander is just too cute with his. I think that Garfield could become his new bedtime buddy.