Tuesday, January 9, 2007

An Unknown Goldmine

Yesterday when I went grocery shopping, I finally remembered to stop and look at the King Arthur Flours. I've always just gone past them, because although I know they are of an excellent quality, I also know that quality is not free, so I've just passed them by, assuming them to be out of my price range. I wanted to try the White Whole Wheat flour, so I picked up a bag and put it in my cart. Later at home, I was going through my receipt when I saw the flour, and I looked at the price. I looked again, puzzled. I closed my eyes for a second to remember if I'd seen a yellow flag by the price sticker indicating a sale. I hadn't. What was the price? For a 5 pound bag of White Whole Wheat flour, I paid $2.15. This is not a lot of money for a premium flour. So I hopped online only to confirm my suspicions that KA Flour sells it directly to the consumer for $3.95 for the 5 pound bag. The grocery store I shop at prides themselves at their low cost, bragging that they buy in such high quantities that they get good discounts which they pass on to the customer. And I should say they do. Woodman's Market in Green Bay has confirmed that I have a very good reason to shop there. And I'm looking forward to the next trip so I can pick up the bag of oat flour that I set back on the shelf.

That's not to say I still shouldn't shop at King Arthur Flour, but that saves me on the heaviest items for shipping. Now I can focus my attention on the other fun additives and baking chips and such.


Andy said...

I was surprised to see it at the Woodman's here in Madison, but then again, I haven't been to Woodmans in a long long time.

The other day I was at the local grocery store and they had it for maybe $2.50? still not a bad price. They only had the white whole wheat, but that's what I've been looking to buy anyway!

Claire said...

Around here in MS I think it's more like $2.80. I'm a White Lily person when it comes to AP flour. Other than that I get what is priced best (outside of the store brand).

Question: Is whole wheat white like whole wheat pastry flour or is it different? I've been looking for whole wheat pastry flour and can only find it in bulk at a local whole foods grocery.

Mimi said...

I love Woodman's in Green Bay. We shop there every time we are in Green Bay, usually spending $100 each visit.

We compare receipts with the local store. On most visits, we save about $20 per $100 spent.

But once, when we only bought about 20 items, I did an item-by-item comparison. Spend $58. Save $30.

Woodman's is great and so is King Arthur.

We also shop Woodman's in Madison — the big west side market open up while I was in college there.

Erika said...

Andy, I think I've been under the impression that KA flour was really going to give me sticker shock. I do think I got a real bargain though.

Claire, white whole wheat is made from white wheat, vs. the red wheat usual ww flour is made from. It can be used interchangeably with whole wheat flour in recipes, I swapped some of it out with my bread flour last night in a loaf of bread. White wheat would not be ther pastry flour, although KA does have the ww pastry flour if you're looking for it.

Mimi, I always save money at Woodman's, but they have such an incredible selection there that those savings usually get added into the cart with a few new things to try. :-) Sometimes I find their produce lacking, but otherwise, they are my go-to grocer.

Andy said...

oh, I totally agree with you about KA flour and sticker shock. I too thought it was "high-end" flour that deserved a "high-end" price tag. Now that I know it is affordable to the "common" person, it will probably come home with me the next time I go shopping.

And yes, Woodman's produce can be lacking. Sometimes you can find good stuff, but you usually have to use it the same day.