Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Out of the sick ward

Wow. That one knocked me out for a few days! I still don't have my usual amount of energy, but it's getting better. At least I'm not sleeping or laying on the couch being a vegetable. On the plus side, I had a hard time finding an appetite. I did manage to force myself to eat here and there, but being out of whack for a few days helped me drop a few more pounds. Again, I'm not recommending that someone get sick or eat very little for several days, but it does show that diet can affect weight loss. As a result of the last several days, I am still not eating much. I'm eating much more regularly, but my portions are seriously smaller than they were- which is probably a good thing. I do suspect that some of that weight will come back over the next few days, so I'll hold off on a total until next weeks Wednesday Weigh-In.

I'll leave it at that tonight, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here, I've just been completely out of commission for a few days. Tomorrow I'll share a truly unexpected winner of a dinner, so come on back for that one.


Chris said...

I am glad that you are doing better. I was wondering where you had gone too.

Erika said...

Thanks Chris, nice to know I was missed! :-)