Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A Potato Side Dish

Well, Andy's out of town this week. He's still off of work, so he offered his services to my brother and his wife to help them redo their kitchen. They were thrilled to take him up on that, so he's in the Twin Cities right now setting tile and having a grand time. And that means that there's not much cooking going on here. I have a fridge full of leftovers that I am nibbling on all week, and the kids are being spoiled on macaroni and cheese and other fun kid food. (Probably pizza or octopus hot dogs tonight.) And hopefully while Andy's out there he's also firming up some tentative plans for Easter for a quick weekend getaway.

One of the things I'm nibbling on this week is leftover from Sunday Company Dinner. Other than Zander, I can honestly say that I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a helping of Mob Potatoes, or Hash Brown Casserole to some. I personally like the name Mob Potatoes, because it really does feed a mob. Frozen hash browns are mixed with cream soup, sour cream, and cheese before being topped with cornflakes and baked. Oh my, it really is good, and obviously, not the best for you, but so good. I did do a few things to lighten it up a bit though. I used reduced fat sour cream and I used Campbell's Healthy Request cream of chicken soup. I also didn't use quite the full amount of cheese, and reduced the butter a bit. I certainly didn't notice the changes. I suspect one could use a reduced fat cheese, but that is one product that will never make it in my shopping cart. This casserole is hearty and filling, tasty, and crowd pleasing. It makes an appearance quite often at potlucks in this part of the country. Leftovers also reheat fairly well, although you do lose the crunch in the cornflake topping. My recipe for Mob Potatoes is in the Recipe Trove. It's a very economical way to feed an army, should an army show up on your doorstep with an appetite.

I also wanted to take a second today to remind everyone that Biscuit Baking Mix Day is fast approaching. You can click on the link for more details from Mimi over at French Kitchen In America. I have my recipe all picked out and my box of Heart Healthy Bisquick in the pantry. What are you going to be making? Are you going to make a comforting favorite or try to upscale this humble baking mix? Remember, any baking mix qualifies, which opens up the realm of possibilities to a doctored cake mix or a cornbread mix or...you pick the mix you want.


Charise said...

We have this at family get togethers alot - but we call them "party potatoes"!

Erika said...

Mmm. Party Potatoes, another fine name for this dish.