Saturday, May 5, 2007

I don't know...

It doesn't look like very much fun to me...

Do you think Andy can get it put together today? I guess we'll find out. :-)

In the meantime... I think Dorie Greenspan is calling my name. I simply have to make something out of it so I can give it a proper review...don't you think? I guess I also need to add my new cookbooks to my masterlist, and remove some that I actually purged and got rid of. (I know, amazing right?)

Happy Saturday!

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brian said...

That looks like a lot for a single day. We bought a rainbow play structure 4 years ago and I considered assembling it myself (sounded like fun). The 2 installers did it in 2 hours and had to make several custom modifications since we had some add ons that needed tweaking to all work together.

We just tossed some cookbooks recently as well. Tastes change as well as what we come to expect from a cookbook, so some old ones had to go.