Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not Really A Salad...

But this is a good one! Featured in Paula Deen's magazine, it was generously shared by a member of the CLBB. If you recall, I posted a recipe not too long ago for a Snicker Salad- this is along those lines. A sweet salad, it's reminiscent of a Jello salad or an Ambrosia salad, and I would certainly have no qualms about serving it up next to the baked beans at the barbecue this weekend. For those of you who'd rather not have sweet with your meal, but for dessert, this would work there as well in a pudding-cup sort of way.

Banana Split Salad tastes just like a banana split. Andy described it best for me when he mentioned that it tastes like the puddle of go left at the bottom of your split after you've eaten most of it and the remains have melted together. It is pretty sweet, but completely worth it. I made this for Sunday Company Dinner this week and at the time, I wondered if I should chop up some chocolate to put in it. I didn't, and one of our guests brought a chocolate cake, so we all dug in and tried them together. It was pretty good, and I have to suggest that if you want to serve this salad as dessert, making a trifle out of it with chocolate cake would be a good way to dress it up a bit. But mostly, I just preferred it straight up in a bowl with a spoon. I topped mine with toasted coconut for a garnish, and I just don't think you could do better than that.

Banana Split Salad. Perfect for your Memorial Weekend get-togethers. That Paula Deen is a genius.

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