Thursday, May 31, 2007

Product Review Day

Quickie one today. I swear, I've been lazing around for what seems like months and now there is just over a week of school left for Abigail and I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off! Who knew all these commitments could happen at the same time! Argh!

Anyway, while grocery shopping the other day, I spied this year's summer versions of Lay's Potato Chips. I picked up a bag of each, the flavors being Santa Fe Ranch and Italian Rosemary and Herb. I haven't tried the Santa Fe Ranch, only because I can't bring myself to open two bags of chips at the same time, and let me tell you, the Italian Rosemary and Herb are some of the best potato chips I have ever eaten. They are fantastic! They are very similar to a bistro style potato chip and full of flavor. They definitely taste of rosemary and herbs with just a little bit of a lingering heat on the back of the tongue. I will be buying these chips often this summer, and I can only hope that it recieves consideration as a permanent flavor. Yum! **Photo from


Claire said...

I don't really eat chips that often, but these look yummy. Maybe I'll get some to take to the family reunion so that I can try but not have them sitting around the house!

Erika said...

Claire, these are a rare potato chip for me in that a small portion is enough to satisfy. Definitely worth trying though, and sharing them with others is the best way to be able to try a little without going overboard.