Monday, July 30, 2007

Anyone Can Cook!

Last Friday was an event for our family. We decided it was time to take our kids to their first ever big screen movie experience. Going to see a movie is just something that we've not been interested while our children were young. While they do on occasion sit through a movie at home, more often than not, Zander ends up playing while watching, and Abigail often does too. We just weren't sure they'd sit through an entire movie and not disturb other movie patrons. But we did think it was time and that Zander would be okay, so we took them to see Ratatouille.

Both kids loved it. There were a few times where Zander got a little frightened, but he recovered quickly, and both kids spent much of the movie giggling. Andy and I also enjoyed it a lot, but I have to say, it took me a while to get over the rats. I knew this movie was about rats, but I didn't expect them to be so realistic. (Of course they were- this is Pixar here.) I really dislike rats and rodents, and the group rat scenes took a bit to get over, but overall it was a very fun movie.

And while it was a fun movie, I loved the message that was put across over and over, and that is that anyone can cook. That's where I've been trying to go with this blog, and why I posted the poll last week, to see if I was going in the right direction. While every once in a while I do talk about a recipe that is a little daunting, I try really hard to keep Tummy Treasure user friendly. Meaning that anyone who can read and follow directions can cook my food. Another reason I posted that poll last week is that I really think there is a niche missing in food-blog-land for budget cooking. There are a few who do it on occasion, but it seems that budget cooking and good food rarely intersect. Why?

So while I am going to continue with Tummy Treasure as it is, you will see more often some attempts at combining budget friendly cooking with fresh seasonal cooking. I have found more than one site devoted to budget cooking, but so often cooking on a budget leads to not-so-healthy choices. One of my goals is to create an entire month's menu plan that combines budget cooking with fresh and healthy cooking. Hopefully I'll get going on that as soon as I find my motivation.

In the meantime, Andy's out of town this week, it's going to be in the nineties temperature wise, and I have no idea what the week has in store. Hopefully I'll have something to blog about. :-)

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