Monday, July 9, 2007

C is for Cucumber

It had to be so. I'm in the middle of a wonderful explosion. Every day I head out to the garden and pick the cucumbers that are of pickling size and hide them away in the fridge, awaiting the moment I have enough to make homemade pickles. I also manage to find a handful of cucumbers that I missed before and are much to big for pickling, but perfect for eating. Our whole family loves cucumbers, but most often they are eaten straight up. The kids enjoy cucumber slices or spears plain or with a ranch dip to dunk them in. I thought I would try something a little different and make cucumbers in a sour cream sauce and see what they thought.

The result was that Abigail didn't want her cucumbers in anything- she was too busy relishing them straight up and eyed my cucumber salad warily- she simply wasn't interested. Zander, however, enjoyed the cucumbers- but not the onions. He really liked the sauce and probably would have eaten it with a spoon had I suggested it to him. While the onions are important to the flavor, and I wouldn't recommend leaving them out, it's certainly not difficult to leave the onions behind in the serving dish for the onion lovers to enjoy.Creamy Cucumber Salad is a great way to change up cucumber slices. My favorite way happens to be Mom's Fridge Pickles, but we're just getting started with the cucumbers, and there should be several more cucumber recipes to come.


Carolyn T said...

Years ago, when my daughter was quite young, I used to make a refrigerator pickle every summer. A HUGE jar of them. She adored them, and has asked me to make them again sometime. Now she lives 500 miles away. I've sent HER your recipe, and maybe she'll try yours! She's not an avid cook, but she might just try. Thanks for the fun memories.

Erika said...

You know, I used to hate refrigerator pickles. :-) Mom would make them and I would avoid them like the plague. My kids don't like them so much now either, but boy, I could sit down with an entire jar now.

I'm glad I stirred up some fond memories!