Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Cinnamon Rolls I Didn't Make

But I did get to eat them.

A friend of mine took the time the other day to make Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls. And lucky me, I got one of the pans of rolls. I'd been meaning to make them myself, but in order to do so, I need seven pans to put them in. Yes- you read that right, seven pans. I suppose I could cut the recipe in half, but then what fun would that be? I imagine that these cinnamon rolls would freeze very well without the frosting on, but I'll never know, because we inhaled them. They were exactly the way I like a cinnamon roll. Sweet and gooey, and a little chewy. My friend doesn't like them so much, she prefers her cinnamon rolls to be less sweet, more like a cinnamon biscuit than a sweet roll. These are sweet and decadent. I suspect I have your interest now, and if that's the case, be sure to head on over to The Pioneer Woman Cooks. And if you haven't visited her site before, this is the time to do so. She blogs about her recipes step by step- and this week she's beginning a Thanksgiving dinner, perfect for any beginner, so check it out.

If step by step blogging is your thing, and something you like to read, you should also take a stop over at Smitten Kitchen. Her Pumpkin Bread Pudding could not be more timely, as I still have some pumpkins to bake up, and I'm surely eyeing up that recipe.

Have you ever been curious how a vegan eats? How do they get they're protein, and how do they go out to dinner? Then head on over to Happy Vegetable. Emily takes vegan eating and simplifies it so anyone can understand it. I know I've learned a thing or two about a vegan diet, and she does it without being preachy and in-your-face. I've been enjoying what I read there.

Or maybe you're in the mood to check out a blog with some international flair? Then head on over to Viet World Kitchen for tons of everything you ever wanted to know about Vietnamese cookery. I could probably spend weeks over there poring over her tips and recipes, learning how to cook amazing Vietnamese.

And finally today, a link to another great international flair blog, Fun and Food. Mansi Desai has a fantastic blog where she cooks a little bit of everything- but really, you have to check out her Indian recipes. If only I could reach in through the screen and take a bite...

Have you seen a new-to-you food blog lately? Or maybe just have a recommendation for one not on my blogroll? Leave it in the comments section for me, I'm always looking for great new blogs to spend time perusing.

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